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Last night, I took a walk in the snow. It was close to midnight. As I got closer to my place I considered staying out all night, walking the city that suddenly seemed smaller - thought that if the snow I was slipping in looked like the snow at the National Cathedral and the snow at LeDroit Park then they couldn't be that far away? Like the snow was a fast plane, a secret passage, a sameness putting everything in reach.

My favorite part is the tree branches, covered in inches of white unfolding as I move under them against the clear black sky.

People are digging their cars out and walking in the middle of the street and smiling at each other.


Anonymous said...

I love that moment when staying outside all night suddenly seems like the most logical thing in the world...

Thank you for your comments ... and you aren't too late!!


Phoenix said...

Ah, tree branches covered in snow... my favorite (until the weight of the snow is too heavy and they fall on me as I'm walking underneath them!)

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