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(Vacation) Snapshot (2)

I love seeing bodies. Real bodies. Lumpy rolls. Tree trunk chests. Pale hipbones. The old men who are so tan they are almost ochre, their chest hair wiry and silver on top like sprinkles. The mothers with their middles thickened-up and plopped on top of their afterthought-butts. There is a magnificent woman at our hotel who has to be 150 pounds overweight and every inch of her jiggles as she walks: there’s the movement of her walking, and there’s the movement of her flesh, which has its own gait. She gets up from the table and wiggles slow to the metal ladder, lowers herself in, suddenly weightless and wonderful in the water. I wish I'd grown up around more bodies. Maybe I'd be gentler with my own.
I got the pic here.


Marion said...

So true. If I want to see real people, I go to Wal-Mart. I'm never disappointed and leave feeling quite skinny. LOL! Blessings!

Phoenix said...

Always, always, always be gentle with your own body, Marls. You deserve that at the very least.

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