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Experiment Update

I'm a blog reader. And in reading blogs, I find there's not much I dislike more than the "sorry I haven't been posting" post.

But guess what kind of a post this is?

For those of you who have been reading since The Experiment, you might chuckle to hear that I've fallen in love. Hit-you-over-the-head, heart-burstingly, life-changingly in love. My poor body is learning to sustain levels of happiness that may or may not be healthy, and the blogging? Has taken a back burner to general skipping-through-fields types of activities.

Who wants to read my sappy love poetry anyway?


Lira said...

so....what you're saying is: you haven't posted in a while, and won't post for another while.


I like sappy love poetry!

Anonymous said...

My dad says that falling in love with my mom ruined his poetry career - so I am glad to see your poetry fall by the wayside in favor of this goofily happy Jen!! :-)

Ashley said...


Anonymous said...


I ruf you

Phoenix said...

I am all for non-posting if it's because one is making happy and healthy and lovey-dovey decisions in their life.

Blogging does not come first. Life comes first.

chopsuey said...

I guess we'll forgive you : ) XO

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