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Creative Writing Assignment

My girlfriend is thinking about joining She jokingly gave me her profile as my next assignment. I chose to ignore the joke. (Those of you who know my friends – any guesses?)
This Two-Person Kayak Is Getting Lonely

I play soccer when the fields aren’t too soggy and softball when the sun’s out. Being as I live in Bellingham, that means I don’t get to play either very much – so then I play the accordion. Or the piano. Or my stove. …okay, I know you can’t technically play a stove, but if you could see the sweet dishes I whip-up (seasoned with herbs from my garden) on any given weeknight you’d liken it to an awesome jam band in the middle of some serious jamming. Not annoying jam band music, though – think Widespread Panic.

I’m an environmentalist-urban-planner chick who shaves her pits. I work hard (and I love what I do) so I can play hard. I need someone who can keep up. Bonus points for speaking a foreign language and being able to pick up and go at the drop of a hat – or a cheap fare on Southwest – wherever we can get. I’ll pack my hiking boots, pocket phrasebook and bottle opener; you get the toothpaste and Mad Libs.

Let’s fill our Camelbacks with wine and bike along the Sound! I’ll be the one with red hair about 10 feet in front of you.

Kayak camping. Live music. Working on my house. Happy hour. Yoga. Planning my next adventure.


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