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Bad Poetry

In order to avoid
loving one parent more than another
(a childhood fear more adult than boogeymen) -
I concentrated on loving the space between them;
and in doing so:
I missed them both.


Lora said...

How was I not following this blog? I'm over here lurking all the time!

I hear you on that seasonal thing. I try to eat fresh and local, even if it means no pineapples almost ever and no oranges in the winter. I don't have a yard, per se, but all my houseplants are herbs. My little box in the back grew tons of tomatoes last year, and I want to do peppers this year too.

I hope lots of people read your comment and take it to heart!

Damn Samoan said...

I'm a poet and a poet mentor
So you can trust me when I say
that's actually pretty good

akka b. said...

ah! The space between. good one. ;)

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