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Christmas Morning

Hanging out with my parents around the Christmas tree in the early morning fog.

I am grateful for:
1. This moment
2. Christmas
3. My mother opening her stocking next to me with maniacal glee as she tears into chocolate covered pretzels
4. The sound of coffee percolating
5. The (fake) fire
6. Appreciative present-opening noises
7. The way my dad always adjusts lights, music - pretty much everything my mom does
8. The f-ing Christmas mugs (there's a story)
9. The way my brother 'wraps' presents
10. This moment

I wish: to know what I want.

As a sign that I've been heard, I ask the Universe to send me: a rainbow.


Phoenix said...

So...when do we get the story of the f-ing Christmas mugs??

Also, re: the way your brother "wraps" presents: Benni refuses to leave any paper seams, whatsoever. Every single seam is covered in tape. Watching my family try to open presents that he wrapped this year was utterly priceless, particularly as Benni also cackled in maniacal glee.

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