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Friday Night

I am exhausted. This week sucked. But I am okay.

My 17 seconds was on alone time. This is crucial for my well-being, and is my barometer for defining myself as an introvert: I am recharged by alone time. I love a window of even just 30 minutes in a day to be by myself.

My delight was twofold: fold one consisted of me flat on my back with whiskey-lemonade in one hand and Arrested Development on my laptop (no TV so we make do).
Fold two was band rehearsal. Yes, friends, I am in a band: a vocal band. Straight up nerd style. I adore these guys and we sang together and then enjoyed some adult beverages, talked about what's next, discussed band names. I laughed, and sang, and laughed.

I need to expand my range of study. Any recommends on reading material you think would be appropriate?


Phoenix said...

"A Short History of Nearly Everything." that should get you started.

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