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I've been an errant blogger! I felt like I left the house without pants on this morning - funny how you form habits.

No canary yesterday, but I did get another palm tree today (photo to come). Who plants palm trees in their yards in Seattle in the winter?? There was also another rainbow. Felt to me like the Universe was saying, 'we're still here!'

Yesterday my 17 seconds was on Knowing What I Want. I imagined what it would feel like, and held that.

My delight? Was all day long.

Today I am grateful for:
1. Walking all over Seattle
2. The Michael Jackson Laser Light Show
3. The sequined glove I wore to the Michael Jackson Laser Light Show
4. The Ride the Ducks Tour of Seattle mom booked for us
5. An amazing dinner at Dahlia Lounge
6. Christmas lights in the city
7. My family
8. Cracking up with my brother
9. Waking up to sunshine on Lake Union
10. Seeing the old homestead

I wish: to know what I want.

As a sign that I've been heard, I ask the Universe to send me: meatballs.


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