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Wednesday Night

What a big baby I've been.

It took the loving reminders of several of you to get back on this remember that the results don't matter; that it's the questions, the gratitude, the NOW of it all that I'm really in this for. Thank you.

I am grateful for:
1. You
2. My dad
3. My mom
4. My brother
5. This day
6. This life
7. This big butt :)
8. This breath
9. The question
10. Whatever is next.

My delight was watching my best friend try on wedding dresses.
It was also a 2-hour long conversation with my dad by wine and fire light.

There was no 17 seconds. The Universe knows what I love.

Thank you.


Phoenix said...

LOL I was going to comment on your earlier blog but then saw you'd transitioned quite lovingly and maturely out of your temper tantrum. Isn't it great when friends call you out when you're acting a little less lovely than you could be? (which we're all entitled to, btw...yesterday I got to act like a huge brat and the boy still made me dinner and hugged me.)

Jen, you have such an amazing heart and spirit. I know this hasn't always been easy for you to sit down and ask the Universe to show you what you want... sometimes I work from the opposite angle and say, "Okay, universe, here's what I want to do, if you disagree then you'd better tell me damn soon."

The universe is so full of love for you, and has just as much faith in you as the rest of us.

Happy New Year and here's to a beautiful 2010.

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