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Sunday Morning

Is it the 2 cups of coffee or something else that has me jumpy this morning? Either way I'm about to take a run in the rain. But first!
I am grateful for:
2. SRod
4. Party dresses
5. Jeff Tweedy's voice, lyrics, guitar...everything
6. New opportunities
7. Christmas cookies
8. Holiday traditions that make the winter less cold and dark
9. Gratitude
10. Dreams about flying
I wish: to know what I want.
As a sign that I've been heard, and that this works, I ask the Universe to send me: Mic Jagger

Post-script: yesterday, my sign was a disco ball. As you know, I went to a super-fun holiday party...and apparently after I peace'd out, my disco ball showed up. Got this via text from my girls:

JBanner suggested it's a reminder from the Universe about timing...that sometimes, you are perfectly on-track to receive what you'd asked for, but then you LEAVE THE GODDAMN PARTY EARLY and miss out! I also think it has something to do with they see things you may miss, and can gently remind you of what's really there. Either way, I'm grateful: for sparkly balls, for friends, for the mystery of it all.


Phoenix said...

I love your gratitude lists so much. They remind me to stop and be grateful for all the richness going on in my own life. :)

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