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Wednesday Morning

Guess who's going home today.

I am grateful for:
1. Plane rides
2. Taking the metro to the airport
3. Getting my car out of a packed snowbank
4. An easy half-day at work
5. Scotch on the rocks
6. Morning noises in this apartment building
7. The clock on my wall that will keep ticking for the next 10 days in my absence
8. Warm socks
9. Hugs from my parents
10. Darby's life (Happy 30th!)

I wish: to know what I want.

As a sign that I've been heard, I ask the Universe to send me: chess.


Lora said...

have you ever tried scotch and milk? It's surprisingly delicious.

your christmas homework is to try it.

I like a tiny bit of cherry juice in it too.

I'm a fan of scotch and whiskey and bourbon and just about anything brown minus the rocks. Warm is where it's at!

Love to you, travel safe, and come back happy!

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