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Thursday Night

I got a lot of love back from my job today, and it really helped. So even though there are a lot of colors in this, we're going to paint today all over with gratitude and call it good.

I was in the parking lot finishing up a cigarette and caught a few minutes of alone time, which I took advantage of for my 17 seconds: which was on travel/coming home. The concept of home has been elusive for me for the last few years. So my 17 seconds was part affirmation, part wish: affirmation of what I love - the freedom to travel, to see new and amazing things - and the wish to have a place that is home to return to.

My delight was watching the SNL Holiday special; I don't have TV, so when I'm staying some place that does - it's a real treat. And I caught this:

...which is just funny every goddamn time.


Phoenix said...

Dick in a Box is simply brilliant...and hysterical.

Glad your job appreciates you!

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