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Sunday Night

I am having trouble working my program, what with all the holiday distractions. Time to turn up the juice on this home stretch here.

No meatballs today, but here is the palm tree I saw this morning by Green Lake:
Who does this? We're not living in LA! (thanks to the Universe for taking me down that street and thanks to my dad for pointing it out...the Universe doesn't care that I'm not working my program - it's still working it for us.)
My delight was the drive home this morning from Seattle. We drove into Tacoma as the fog was lifting, and watching the mist thin out over the Puget Sound while the sun came through was beautiful. And that's all delight is: intentional enjoyment. I always mark this time by saying, out loud if possible, "Universe, this is my delight."
My 17 seconds was on alone time (which is kind of a cheat because you need the option of NOT being alone to really have it - so really my 17 seconds was on alone time and company); I love just a little bubble of time that is purely mine, to think my thoughts and be with me.


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