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Tuesday Morning

Welcome to day 8 of the experiment.
This morning, I am grateful for:

1. Running
2. The sound of dog collars clinking at the park
3. Getting invited to sing with a new group
4. My IPOD
5. Listening to music I started listening to over 15 years ago (O LLLLLLLLLLLD)
6. Breakfast
7. My mom's sense of play
8. Childhood memories of Seattle
9. Playing my guitar
10. Warm socks in bed

I wish: to know what I want.

As a sign that I've been heard, and that this works,
I ask the Universe send me: a Cosby sweater.


Eeeno's World said...

If you turn on NBC's "The Today Show" right NOW, you will get Cosby himself...talking about...(get ready for this)...his new RAP album.

S.Rod said...

LOL. Does it work if there is a Cosby sweater in THIS office? <3 s.rod

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