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Tuesday Night

I'm back in DC for a breather before I hop a flight tomorrow back to the Northwest. My project at work is (mostly!) over and I feel a huge sense of relief!

No yellow ribbon today, but remember when I asked for Halloween? Well, I have to say thanks to Lira as this was her status update on Facebook today:

Why couldn't Jersey Shore have aired BEFORE Halloween?

My delight today was a double-header, both involving music. I took myself out of the office today for 20 minutes to buy a hideous suitcase for my trip tomorrow, and sang carols all the way to the store and back. And then tonight, I turned off all the lights and turned up Florence and the Machine and danced...with my eyes closed, I pictured little sprays of pure love and color coming right out of my flailing arms (white girl dance moves, remember?), and I felt this profound sense of THIS IS WHAT MATTERS MOST descend on me. Joy. Joy matters most.

My 17 seconds today was also musical - it was on singing.


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