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Monday Night

I am in the death throes of this project at work, and what normally would have been a really crappy day was okay. And I know a big part of that is due to this practice. When I remember that I am a person, separate from my job - that my worries are temporary - that the things I care about at this job are doing the best job I'm capable of and being good to people - my perspective widens, I can breathe again. And I'm okay.

No $2 bill today...that's 7 days, 4 signs showing up (not that anyone's counting). Both Sarah and Phoenix think that's a reminder that the Universe doesn't go around granting whatever request I throw at it. I'm starting to be willing to entertain that idea. But it bums me out a little. What's the lesson there?

My delight! I put "So Insane" by "Discovery" on repeat (that song thanks to Paul) and did a little booty shaking. Also made a point to take a (smoke) break with a coworker and talk about actual life - nothing work-related allowed. I'm finding that anything can be a source of's really just a shift in perspective.

And my 17 seconds was on writing. Oh friends, how I love it: writing scratches a lot of my itches. It's solitary, it's creative, it's my voice - I get to go into a cave and produce something, then share it. How very INFJ of me (if you have time you should take this personality quiz: Myers Briggs).

I slept like crap last night and working on remedying that RIGHT NOW with a little Jim Beam n lemonade, then an early bedtime. Catch you tomorrow!


Phoenix said...

I have always loved the quote "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others."

And I'm not sure what the lesson is, exactly. But I do know that, as much as I am a huge fan of YOU and your process to find out what it is you want, I am not a big fan of The Secret because it is self-driven. It focuses on bringing the things that we want into our own lives instead of directing our energy outward towards others.

And I know that the many people of The Secret maintain that it is not bad to ask for things for yourself, and I don't disagree with that. But I do think a balance can be struck, and I think the universe works a give and take system just like everything else. So it gave you four signs...that's more than you ever expected, oui?

Maybe somebody else needed those other signs or maybe there's a reason you didn't see those signs... dunno. :)

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