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Saturday Night

Daaaaang y'all...where the H are my lightning bolt and my carnation?

I can tell you what did show up today though...mucho delight-o. I suppose that's what weekends are for, though? For the pure joy and delight of it, I engaged in the following frivolous Saturday activities:
1. Dancing and singing to Miley Cyrus singing "Party in the USA"! (don't hate)
2. My friend John sent me this in honor of my midnight viewing of "Labyrinth" last night and it is truly amazing:

3. I enjoyed several episodes of "My So-Called Life" while the winter weather did its thing outside. Oh Jordan Catalano...I will always heart you.

The MSCL era was really when I started being super conscious of wanting to be an actor, so that was my 17 seconds again today. That feeling of power, of unity with words and partner and crew and moment...yeah, I love that.

I'm going to go and...
4. Read a great book in bed.
I have to say...this intentional engaging in things for the delight they give me is something that is going to last beyond this month. It's just too good not to give myself.


Phoenix said...

I really, REALLY need to start doing that delight thing as well. I really do.

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