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Sunday Night

I love foggy nights like this. It's like walking around in a giant feather pillow.

If you remember, this morning I asked for Mic Jagger. And today, I got the following text from my friend:
whats up with the band tho thats cool Rolling like the stones. you play an instrument? lead singer?
I feel like the Universe and I have an inside joke when this stuff happens. I love it.

My 17 seconds was on performing - which is different than acting. Take this vocal band my friend's text is referencing - that's definitely a performance. Public speaking is a performance. Any situation where I stand in front of people, feel that electric connection, that moment to moment give and take? Performing. I blissed out on performing while doing the dishes. That's what's so handy about this practice: you can float away no matter where you are, or what you're doing.

My delight? Well, I have this playlist on my IPOD called "Guilty Pleasures". It contains some Sir MixaLot, some Bell Biv DeVoe, some Biggie Smalls...let's just say that it was on very loud, as were my white girl dance moves.


Phoenix said...

Ooooh, Bell Biv DeVoe...nice, Marley. I like it!

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