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Thursday Night

No carnation today, which bums me out. What does it mean when the sign doesn't show up? I tried something similar like this while I was living in LA (to feel like I had some...any!...measure of control over my life) and my average time span for signs-showing-up was 2 days. So we won't give up on the carnation.
But what does it mean??

My 17 seconds today were on acting. Ugh! It's still a loaded subject for me and blissing out to it for 17 seconds was surprisingly difficult to initiate. It was like showing someone a dance step you've been working on alone for weeks. I was reticent, and a little embarrassed? to own that I love acting. I still love it, even after everything that happened around it. But once I started rolling (maybe around second 11?), I was in a good place, and it felt great.

My delight was singing. I worked at our corporate headquarters today which is 45 minutes out of DC, so the drive back in to the city was all fa la la. Singing - just for the sake of it - is one of the purest sources of joy I have. Deeee-lightful!


S.Rod said...

I think it means that even though you can ask the universe for signs, you can't come to expect them. It's a reminder that we don't control the universe. The universe is a nice guy, he'll throw you some signs, but I don't think he likes performing on command all the time.

Phoenix said...

I love singing in the car so incredibly much. It helps relieve stress and confirms that I know the words better than James Hetfield.

And I'm glad you're able to admit that you still love acting. :)

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