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Friday Night

It's going to be a late night for me, so I thought I'd do this now.

So this morning, I asked for a muffin, and guess what happened:

I was walking to work, and someone literally dropped one right in front of me. Blueberry, in case you're curious. I waited until they got a safe distance away before I took out my camera and took a picture of the trampled muffin. It's okay to be a weirdo as long as it kept (mostly) under wraps.

I'm still bothered by my carnation not showing up. My girl Sarah thinks it's the Universe's way of reminding me that it doesn't just go around giving me anything I want...but that is contrary to the Abraham-Hicks teaching. I was thinking about it more today, and I did a lot of waiting for my carnation yesterday, unlike the rest of the days of this experiment thus far; maybe there's something there - maybe the energy of wanting the carnation pushed it away? This is tricky business, when wanting enters the picture.

My delight today was this:

I turned up the volume, shut my office door, and danced right along. It was the perfect launch-pad of joy to catapult me into my 17 seconds, which was about teaching. In NO WAY do I consider myself a teacher, in the traditional school sense. But I've had the opportunity to lead meetings, to facilitate groups, to give presentations - and the delivery of information in a clear, concise way has always given me a ton of pleasure.

Alright, friends, I'm going out. Have an excellent Friday and I'll see you tomorrow morning!


Phoenix said...

I love that you got a crumpled muffin from the universe, but I have to agree with Sarah and disagree with Abraham Hicks that the universe doesn't always give you what you ask for, dropped right into your lap.

Sometimes you gotta go searching! :)

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