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Sunday Night

So this morning, I asked for a turtle. And guess what I found's a turtle foot stool! I was at the flea market portion of Eastern Market with my cousin and we passed by it. I said: "What does that look like to you?" and she said "A turtle?" and I burst out laughing. This is one of the best parts of the whole experiment: feeling like I have an inside joke with the Universe.
I had a lot of delight today; the two big ones both involving singing. When I was in high school, I was part of the Swing Choir, and every holiday season we sang this absolutely horrendous medley of Christmas music. We used to do it two, three times a day at various rest homes and other schools in the area and I'm afraid we'll all carry the sense memory of step-touch-snap and all the cheesy ad-libs we did with us to our graves. It's part of my personal holiday tradition to annoy the shit out of myself each year (and Darby, via phone call) by singing through the whole thing, choreography included. Excellent.
I answered an ad on Craigslist for a female vocalist and sang with these great guys in Arlington last week. They asked me back this week. Singing harmonies with them, laughing, working = deeeeee-light!
So it only seemed appropriate to point my 17 seconds at singing as well. Did you know it's one of my life dreams to sing back-up on a world tour? Well, now the Universe knows it too.


Phoenix said...

One of my life dreams was to be a hoochie back up dancer on a world tour.

Maybe one day the universe will give us what we want?

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