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Saturday Night

What a beautiful day. It's always like a dream when it snows somewhere.

This morning, I asked for a sun tan (very impractical in snowing-all-day DC), and my girl SRod provided this (from her Gmail chat status):

Florida, you fickle bitch, do NOT play games with me and Operation: Bronze Goddess!

Now, I don't know what's doing on in Florida...but I do know my sign when I see it. Sarah, maybe you should consider a spray tan?

My 17 seconds was on travel. Yesterday, in anticipation of this winter storm, I picked up John Steinbeck's "Travels With Charley: In Search of America" from my local public library. It's about a 3 month period of time where he roamed around the country in a camper with his poodle. I am loving it.

My delight was all over the place. But I want to make a distinction
here: there is a definite difference of intention between realizing I'm enjoying something I'm doing, and intending to enjoy something I'm doing. So while I enjoyed playing in the snow with Brian, and the subsequent afternoon drinking we did at the Hawk 'n Dove, I consciously set out to enjoy some singing tonight. Turned out all the lights, lit a candle, picked up my guitar, and delighted in the vibrations my voice creates in my body - the air in and out - the words, the feelings. Deeee-lightful.


S.Rod said...

Happy to be the source of your sign today. Some thoughts:

1. Spray tanning offends my Latin forebears. Plus I need the sunshine. And FL keeps messing with my fragile emotional state by planning to be five degrees too cold for the pool.

2. I like how this picture of the Hawk 'n Dove portrays it as a Dickensian pub with lots of charm instead of the refuge for underage drinking I know it to be. What gives?

3. Afternoon drinking? Jealous.

Phoenix said...

Well look at that...somebody got sent her sun-tan :) Go get 'em, Jen!

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