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Tuesday Evening

I have to say...even if at the end of this month I still have no goddamn clue what I want to do, for a day like today? WORTH IT. I forget what it's like: to cultivate gratitude, to bliss out to what I know I love, to purposefully engage in some hot-n-heavy delight just for me.

In the words of Ice Cube: Today was a good day.

My 17 seconds was dedicated to TRAVEL. I drove across the country to get to DC - took 18 days to do it - and that was some of the best time in my life. Getting in the car every morning, map on the passenger seat, back seat piled high with everything I needed...adventure! I took a break at lunch today and engaged in some serious joygasm-inducing blissed-outness around travel.

And the sign! If you remember, I asked for a cupcake. I got not one, but TWO affirmations from the Universe!

Well, was from my friend Mike. He sent me an email with a link to Natalie Dee's website (which won't open for me...WTF) but which I can see from the google search page is a surly little cupcake which cracked me up.

This brought up a good question: does that count??

This is what Mike said when I asked him the same question:

why not? look at it this way. you typed some words on a webpage this morning and sent it into oblivion. Then oblivion was kind enough to reward you with a surly cupcake cartoon. the universe is only as big as you make it.

What do you guys think? Does it count as a sign from the Universe? (I feel pretentious capitalizing that but we're going with it.)

THEN I got home from work and had about 15 minutes to kill before I went running with Kylie. So I cracked open my Vanity Fair to an article about cuteness and LO AND BEHOLD...cupcakes! My apologies for the crappy quality but hey (you can see the word cupcakes there on line 2!).

So, for my delight I romanced myself with some cheap red wine and made a vision board. What, pray-tell, is a vision board? It's anything visual you create that reminds you what you love, what you want (in my case, it's made on the skeleton of the fake protest sign I made for my Halloween costume - a confused protestor; but I'm pretty sure you can do yours on whatever you want). The folks at The Secret love them some vision boards, as do self help coaches, motivational speakers, and a myriad of other cheesy people who you annoy you (but you secretly love). So I did one. Posting this here feels like I'm standing naked in front of you (clearly after having eaten some veggie soup), but again - we're going with it.

Not bad for day 1. Bring on day 2!


Jenny Explaining it All said...

I have to say... I don't know is cupcake 1 counts. My only reason is because that is not the UNIVERSE telling you so.

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