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Thursday Morning

Good morning! If you're just joining us, and you want to know what is going on, read this. Otherwise, on to the gratitude.
I am grateful for:
1. Watching that hawk ride the wind
2. Coffee in bed
3. Seeing this sunrise
4. Clean hair
5. My dad asking if we can do lots of walking and talking together when I come home
6. Looking forward to band practice
7. Waking up to a voicemail from an old friend
8. Realizing that it really is okay
9. Eating with chopsticks
10. the Chesapeake Bay
I wish: to know what I want.
As a sign that I've been heard, I ask the Universe to send me: a dirty joke.

This is a big day at work for me. I'm going to see if I can keep part of my head and heart in this quiet, powerful place while the chaos rages.


Phoenix said...

I'm sending you my most calm, zen thoughts for your work day! (Hope it helps)

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