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Wednesday Night

Happy to say I'm writing this from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Just went to my best friend's 30th birthday party and sang terrible karaoke songs. A bit hoarse but better for wear.

Lots of signs today - on different occasions I've asked for a yellow ribbon and a bowtie, and today I was watching 'Arrested Development' and came to the episode where the seal eats Buster's hand...and what kind of seal is it? Why, it's a yellow bowtie wearing seal! I also asked for a carnation a few weeks ago, and in Travels with Charley, which I read on the plane, Steinbeck talks about carnations in one chapter. Seems that the Universe is becoming more present - it's less a BIG HIT-YOU-OVER-THE-HEAD sign, more a constant reassurance of presence. I'm also finding this constant low-level gratitude that I can tap into at a moment's notice. Pretty amazing.

My delight was karaoke. What is sillier than singing "New York New York" poorly at the diviest bar in Tacoma on your best friend's 30th?

My 17 seconds...shit, I haven't done this. I've become errant about these things. I'm going to do it right now, on: tangible results. This is why I hate project management; you work your ass off, but at the end of the day? You have nothing to show for it. I know that I love looking at something I've done and feeling good about it. So here we go.


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