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Tuesday Night

So, this morning I asked for a Cosby sweater. And one of my coworkers generously supplied not only a Cosby sweater, but a tie underneath.
Ah, the eastern shore of Maryland.

Did someone say delight? Cause I enjoyed mine with said coworker and the IT guy at a bar. Sliders and Bud Light. Non-work-related conversation. Don't mind if I do.

And I'm ashamed to admit this, but I forgot all about my 17 seconds until this moment. I think I'll do it on travel again...seems appropriate, as I've 'travelled' to Stevensville...and will be here...all weeeeeeeeek....

In case you're curious, I do my 17 seconds out loud. I talk about what I love about said whatever. I really go there in my mind. I hold it as long as I can (at least 17 seconds - usually it goes over). And it feels great. Do it! Right now: pick something you love and talk about what you love about it. Go there in your mind and your heart. Stand up. Walk around. Speak out loud. I guarantee you'll feel better for having done it.


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