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Tuesday Morning

Did you know that Santa has been reading my blog?? It's true; otherwise, how could you explain THIS:
The part where he unrolls the scroll got me all choked up...with Santa on my side, this thing just has to work.

I am grateful for:
1. The best person I have ever shared a name with
2. Genuine big belly laughs
3. Being loved by my friends
4. Being loved by my friends
5. Being loved by my friends
6. Everyone I know turning 30! (Happy Birthday, Natalie/Hillary/Darby!)
7. Snow piled in drifts
8. Finishing this project today
9. The colors of snow, sky, sun, Chesapeake Bay and big tall water reeds
10. Being loved by my friends

I wish: to know what I want.

As a sign that this is working, and that I've been heard, I ask the Universe to send me: a yellow ribbon.


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