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Tuesday Night

So, yesterday, I asked the Universe to send me a hippopotamus. And guess what showed up.

So I have a new theory about this sign business, and bear with me here... I found Hippy the Hippo (I'm not making this up - check out his label!) at a chintzy store by work. I was at said chintzy store because on my to-do list today I put "delight". I made a conscious decision to get up and walk away from my computer and enjoy myself. And there he was.

So my theory is this: joy/delight/happiness is a MAGNET for all things good, for all the things I say I want to attract. I had to change my mood and change my location to put myself into alignment, and the second I did that? The Universe sent me a little love letter.

I can't help but think of this theory in terms of people in my life who are in a rut - who are hesitant about making whatever move will take them away from the circumstances they are unhappy about for whatever reasons they may have (money, fear, etc.)...if Hippy the Hippo was Guardian Hippo to each of us, I think he might want us to know that the first step is to get happy. As simple/difficult as that may be.

As I wandered the aisles of this chintzy store, my 17 seconds was on giving and receiving. The means and freedom to purchase/acquire/receive whatever I need, and the generosity/freedom/ease to give away whatever others may need.


Phoenix said...

Yes! I love this, what a great thought. The universe gives to those who are already happy. Like attracts like so happiness draws in more happiness.

Oh, what a fantastic theory! I love it, Marls!

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