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Friday Night

As you may remember, this morning I asked for a pig. And today at work I got the following email:

Thanks Jenn! Next time I kill a hawg you git the tenderloin.

I won't bore you on the particulars that led to that email, but nonetheless - a pig!

Not only that! If you recall, I also had "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac on my gratitude list. And at lunch, guess what was playing in the restaurant by work?

Both made me giggle in glee. I have to say - my energy today at work was markedly different from the way it's been the past two weeks; namely, not miserable and laser-focused. Maybe there's something about that expanded focus, easy-breezy energy that I need to be paying attention to?

My delight: When I got back into DC, I went for a run. I have a RUN playlist on my IPOD, and on that playlist? Is Miley Cyrus' delightful "Party in the USA". I have an urge to dance every time I hear that song. And tonight, I stopped running to dance a few measures. I was on a side street, and thus, the crazy was not shared with anyone. It was my little love song to the Universe.

My 17 seconds was on friendship - I am so grateful for the people I get to call friends...and I want the Universe to know that so they'll always be around.


Ashley said...

I'm sorry... Miley Cyrus? I'm not coming to Seattle anymore.

Phoenix said...

I undo Ashley's judgment by saying you can listen to whatever you please while running :) (::playfully sticks tongue out at Ashley::)

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